Physical Health, Cancer Treatment – The Natural Way

Dr Leonhard Coldwell tells us about the natural way to deal with stress and anxiety

This is groundbreaking stuff.

He also tells us how to heal cancer in a few weeks


Useful Road Map to Ascension

The internet abounds with suggestions, research and references to spiritual traditions to help and guide those that seek to ascend as human beings, to heal and grow and to end the cycle of birth and death and suffering.

David speaks with personal authority on what it takes… Clear and easily understandable – worth considering… It all depends on your personal intentions and the understanding of your journey. Love yourSelf…


What is meditation?

Practicing Meditation 

– what it is:

  • helps you to relax completely
  • brings you present moment awareness
  • is entering into stillness and ease
  • allows your body to heal
  • assists access to knowing who you really are
  • aligns you with Spirit

– what it is not:

  • a religion
  • a method of emotionally repressing what is going on
  • finding what one expects or imagines
  • an escape from reality

I am often amazed what people call meditation. Whilst there are many ways to access higher knowledge, astral travel or commune with the spirit world, meditation is a means for establishing awareness of the Self and maintaining the observer position in everyday life events.

As such is it potentially liberating for everyone.